Plakat do filmu WIELKA UCIECZKA NA PÓŁNOC przygotował klasyk polskiego plakatu Andrzej Pągowski autor około tysiąca plakatów teatralnych i filmowych, takich tytułów jak MIŚ - Bareji, CZŁOWIEK Z ŻELAZA - Wajdy, KRÓTKI FILM O ZABIJANIU - Kieślowskiego,SEKSMISJA i VABANK - Machulskiego, PLUTON - Olivera Stonea, MANHATAN -Woody Allena,OSIEM I PÓŁ - Feliniego, BITWA WARSZAWSKA - Hoffmana.

Poster by Andrzej Pagowski, a poster artist and one of the most celebrated Polish graphic designers. In his rich portfolio there is a firm border between his older posters, which are regarded as classics of the Polish school of posters, and newer works, cleverly applied to the commercial realities of contemporary advertising. It seems that he feels equally comfortable in both worlds and the transition seem to have made his works even more lively; the colours are more saturated, the tempo of watching is increased. He won numerous awards including multiple distinctions for Best Warsaw Poster, Most Popular Poster of the Month, Best Film and Television Poster from The Hollywood Reporter (the so-called ‘Poster Oscars’) as well as an award at the International Film Poster Competition in Chicago Andrzej Wajda consider him ‘their’ best poster artist. In 2005 he was honoured with the Order of Polonia Restituta, one of the highest Polish orders, for his lifetime achievement.